Go Green by Nancy H Taylor

Published in January 2008

Go Green is an indispensable resource for those who are ready to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk! There is a huge movement already underway toward going green, living sustainably, and creating a smaller carbon footprint. This book tells you how to get started.

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Advance Praise for Go Green

"The key word in this title is 'community'—we need towns and cities efficient enough to slow down global warming and durable enough to ride out what we can't prevent. What a handy guide for getting started!"
- Bill McKibben, author, The Bill McKibben Reader

"The world is a better place because Nancy Taylor is in it. In this much-needed and most welcome book, Taylor provides simple, clear stories about powerful ways we can change our daily lives to leave the world of the future better than that of the past."
- Devra Davis, Ph.D., M.P.H., Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Author of The Secret History of the War on Cancer

"Global warming is the most urgent challenge facing the inhabitants of Earth today.  The solutions are greater energy efficiencies and utilization of clean, renewable energy sources. In Go Green, Nancy Taylor has provided a tremendous public service in offering a highly useful, easy-to-understand menu of choices we can all implement as we take major steps toward combating global warming and leading the way toward a healthy, safe, sustainable future."
- Rocky Anderson, Salt Lake City Mayor

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